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Candy Corn 5lb Bag

Halloween isn’t complete without Candy Corn 5lb Bag. You and your family can give out and have enough left over for yourself. Enjoy these candy with all of the other treats that make you happy.

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Easter Bunny Candy Dish

Be the talk of the party with this Easter Bunny Candy Dish. Your next Easter feast is a guaranteed success when the Easter Bunny himself joins the party! Fill his egg-shaped dish with decorative eggs, marbles, or any colorful nicknacks for a colorful holiday accent. Decorative purposes only. Ceramic. 5 1/4 inches x 3 3/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches high.

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Cadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini Eggs

Make sure you’re ready for this Easter with delicious Cadbury Easter Candy Coated Mini Eggs, 18-Ounce Packages (Pack of 3). Solid milk chocolate with a crisp sugar shell. Perfect for Easter baskets. Fun for all ages.

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Valentines Day Nostalgic Candy Gift Box

This Valentine Day Nostalgic Candy Gift Box is a real Blast from the Past! This Nostalgic Candy Gift Box is a real Blast from the Past! Over 50 pieces of classic old fashioned candy favorites including Boston Baked Beans, Bottlecaps, Bubble Gum Cigars, Candy Cigarettes, Caramel Apple Pops, Charms Sweet & Sour Pops, Cinnamon Toothpicks, Fun Dip, Hot Dog Cinnamon Gum, Lemon Heads, Licorice Pipe, Long Boy, Red Hots, Sugar Daddy Pops, Zotz, Atomic Fireballs, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Bit O Honey, Candy Necklace, Chick O Stick Nuggets, Jaw Breakers, Necco Wafers, Root Beer Barrels, Salt Water Taffy, Tootsie Roll Midgees, Wax Lips & Walnettos. Over one pound of candy (small & medium candies) & over 50 pieces. Box size 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 6″ (Candy may be substituted when necessary.)

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Primrose Filled Red Raspberry Candy

Sweeten up your desk at work with Primrose Filled Red Raspberry Candy. It’s for every one with a sweet tooth that passes your desk. Put out this delicious raspberry filled candies for the holidays so your friends and family can enjoy while visiting. Totally awesome and you get a one pound bag for a bargain price.

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Christmas Thin Ribbon Candy

Always a wonderful tradition is to have this Christmas Thin Ribbon Candy on your desk at work for your co-workers and boss to enjoy. Give this box of ribbon candy as a gift or enjoy it at home with the family this holiday.

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Wonka Mixups Tasty Treats – 300 ct.

Perfect Halloween candy starts with Wonka Mixups Tasty Treats – 300 ct.. You get an assortment of different kinds of candy that everyone will love. It’s so much fun handing out candy that makes people smile. Order yours now so you’ll have everything you need for Halloween.

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Bon-Bons – Strawberry Hard Candy

Everyone loves these Bon-Bons, Strawberry Hard Candy – 5 pounds. Contains a box of strawberry hard candy 5 pound. Each piece has 85 percent hard candy and 15 percent filling. Made from the original fruit extracts. Contains approximately 68 pieces per pound. Your office buddies will always make sure they walk by your desk.

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Stewart Candy Peppermint Candy

Office breakrooms come alive when you set out some Stewart Candy Peppermint Candy in a 18 oz. Sassy Tub (3660). Everyone needs a little pick me up now and then. Keep employees happy with a tub or basket of STEWART’S Old Fashioned Pure Candy in your cafeteria, breakroom, copy room, etc. STEWART’S Old Fashioned Pure Candy has a “SOFTER” bite than hard candy. This is achieved by placing the candy in a high temperature, high humidity room after it has been made. This causes the candy to “grain” giving each piece the softer texture. You can change the texture of our candy to suit your individual taste by placing it in a warm, moist area to soften it, or a cool, dry area to firm up the texture. HAVE FUN changing the texture of Stewart’s Pure Sugar Candy to get the texture that is just right for you!

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Goetze’s Caramel Creams, 16 Oz.

Gotta sweet tooth for caramel? No worries, you can satisfy it 24/7 with these Goetze’s Caramel Creams, 16 Oz.. Keep them on your desk at work for a quick pick me up snack and your co-workers will also really enjoy walking past your desk. Carry them in your purse or pocket for those times when you need something to give you a sweet burst. These caramel candies are the best.

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