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16 oz LED Light-Up Flashing Beer Mug w/6 LEDs

I love these 16 oz LED Light-Up Flashing Beer Mug w/6 LEDs. First there were party drinks, then there were body lights / blinkes, now we bring you our 16 oz LED Light-Up Flashing Beer Mug, the ultimate light-up party and bar favor! Imagine holding a luminous beer mug in your hand, where the whole mug, and the beverage inside, spin with many colorful lights! This light-up 16 ounce mug is made of a high quality, safe, clear acrylic, with replaceable batteries. Six multi-colored chasing LEDs light up the entire mug and the beverage. This super-bright LED DrinkWare Flashing Beer Mug is sure to liven up any party or event! These will be the talk of the party and a must for every party goer! Starts blinking when you pick the mug off, turns off when you set it down. Blinky lights help identify your drink at the party or at the bar, as well as provide a valuable safety beacon at an outdoor event! Get one for everyone in your group! Easy to replace button style batteries are included and pre-installed, and will make this cup last for a long long time. The bottom cap which houses the electronics pops off for safe and easy cleaning of the mug. A great Gift Idea! These super-cool LED Beverage Cups make great gifts for any occasion or party goer, and are great for that hard-to-shop-for party person. If you’re looking for a really cool gift, look no further! Constructed of a high quality transparent acrylic, this Beer Mug lights up with bright, flashing, multi-colored LED’s and holds up to 500ml (16 oz) of your favorite beverage. Bottoms up – buy yours today!

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Viatek Mini Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight

Viatek Mini Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight conveniently provides a light source you can take anywhere. The unit combines the usefulness of 3 LED light and power of Dynamo Crank in one. Never replace batteries or bulbs. Is ideal for travel, business, handbags or anywhere you would need a flashlight. It’s perfect for you or a gift.

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