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Designer Menswear

If you think of your man as a “star”, then treat him like one.  Keep him totally in sync with a pair of Calvin Klein Body Trunk Underwear to his collection.  Why should celebrities be the only one who walk around in nice underwear.  We can too. These body trunk underwear are the epitome of sexiness and cotton comfort.  They have a modern fit and supportive pouch.  They come in a variety of styles so you’ll definitely find the right Body for your body.

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What can we say about lingerie that you probably don’t already know.  Maybe the fact that it’s the number one fashion item that gets purchased all around the world by men and women.  You can look in any dresser drawer and find some sort of lingerie fashion and that goes for pretty much any gender.  Lingerie is an expression of passion and erotic desires that date centuries back. Women have been wearing lingerie to keep their mates interested in addition to fashion designers making alot of money by selling it.  Lingerie is here to stay.

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